Our Mission


Imperial Valley Vegetable Growers Association represents a growing industry. We speak with a unified voice in order to provide our nation and you with the safest, freshest, most nutritious fruits and vegetables.


Founded in 1968, the IVVGA is a non-profit, member driven organization dedicated to maintaining and improving the viability of the produce industry. To this end, we continually strive to represent the health and safety of  our members and all of the residents of Imperial Valley.  We  speak with a unified voice on the issues that affect growers.

Originally formed to address the serious labor issue effecting the produce industry, today Imperial Valley Vegetable Growers Association is actively involved in such critical issues as labor, food safety, the water right,  water conservation and use, environmental protection, and public education.

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"I believe in the future of agriculture, with a faith born not of words but of deeds."

— E.M. Tiffany, Author of the FFA Creed


We would like to thank our communities and partners that cooperate with us to provide the safest, freshest, most nutritious fruits and vegetables to our nation and beyond. 

Our local growers continue to  adapt to the quickly changing world of food safety. Our partners step up to meet the needs in this emerging issue. Some of those partners have come from within our local agricultural industry, especially from the livestock industry, who have proactively worked together with us to see that we meet the new food safety standards. This collaboration has a resulted in proactive measures to effectively and efficiently  decrease the already low risk and increase the level of security that buyers feel when purchasing our products.

We also thank our communities and the farm labor force that works to provide our fresh products to the grocery stores, and who see and live with the beauty and the reality of our busy produce season.


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