Water & Water Transfer

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Imperial Valley and its rich agricultural history and future are dependent upon the water from the Colorado River.

Many farming families were lured to the Imperial Valley with the promise of cheap land and an abundant water supply.   In the beginning of this pioneer settlement, the available water at the lower end of the Colorado River was not wanted or needed by others--too saline.  Today, that water supply is the target of almost 1/2 of the West's Water Wars.  It is said that "Whiskey is for drinking and Water is for fighting".

IVVGA, along with other agricultural associations, is working with Imperial Irrigation District (IID) and all other interested parties to ensure that our water rights are secure and that the volume of water necessary to grow food for the nation and beyond are available now and well in to the future.

From a desert to food for the world..

IID 2018 Canal Cutout Schedule by month:


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